About Us

Angel Hands Childcare

Angel Hands Childcare is a small childcare business operating in Worcester under the ownership of local passionate childcare practitioner Clare Dalton, who has over 20 years of experience within the field in various roles and with the local authority.

There are two preschools in the Angel Hands family

Our preschools value the importance of every children’s uniqueness.

We support our children to become independent, confident individuals in a nurturing and caring environment.



Our Vision

At our preschools we strive to create a warm and stimulating environment where learning is fun. We engage in activities that promote and extend children’s curiosity and awareness of their world.

Our primary focus is learning through play and exploration. We encourage children to grow in confidence, self-esteem and independence & we treat each child as an individual whose needs are met in an atmosphere that celebrates diversity.

We will nurture your child’s social and emotional skills, and develop their communication skills, we want children, parents and staff to learn together and for all our children to reach maximum potential and be ready for their next destination.

Early years development

Our Ethos

Every child has the right to an education, this happens when children are well nurtured in an environment which meets the needs of the child as an individual, stimulating their passion to investigate and find out more, we provoke curiosity through our environments and provocations.

Meet our staff


Clare Dalton

Childcare Director

Rachel - Manger at Nunnery Wood Preschool


Manager Nunnery Wood


Childcare General Manager



Deputy manager


deputy Manager



Early years practitioner


Early years practitioner



Early years practitoner


Childcare Early years practitioner apprentice

Staff member Early years practitioner Hannah Newell


Early years practitioner Hannah

Tilly Plumptre Early years practitioner - teacher training


Early years practitioner - teacher training