Marathon Kids

Nunnery Wood Preschool  are taking part in fortnightly sessions with the foxes and owls of marathon kids in schools.

The children run laps of the marked out Newtown green for every lap they complete they get a band we then count out how many bands each child has collected within the 15 minute session and celebrate their achievements.

This program offers our children the understand of physical exercise and why we need to take part to keep ourselves healthy. It also supports our childrens self esteem by progressing each week and supporting their friends. Some of our fastest runners are happy to support other children who may not find running natural or easy to them. We always ask if the children mind buddying and explain what the benefits are for each other but also you may not achieve as many laps the answers we always get are “ of course, come on” We are really proud of our children as these are skills for life.

Marathon kids in parks takes place every Saturday at 10am on the Newtown green behind Ronkswood Community Centre, come along to this free weekly event to help boost your child’s confidence, self esteem, mental well being and overall physical health everyone welcome.